Birth February 16, 1892 25 22
Marriage statusAlma Grace BarnesView this family

Birth of a brotherClarence C Galloway
1894 (aged 1 year)
Religious marriageAlma Grace BarnesView this family
September 2, 1914 (aged 22 years)
Address: Hamilton New South Wales Australia
Shared note:

Husband's age at marriage:22 Wife's age at marriage:16

Birth of a daughterMarjorie Alma Galloway
March 1915 (aged 23 years)
Death of a brotherClarence C Galloway
March 31, 1918 (aged 26 years)
Birth of a sonClarence Manning Galloway
November 18, 1925 (aged 33 years)
Residence 1930 (aged 37 years)
Note: Victor was described as an inspector.
Death of a fatherScott Johnson Galloway
1946 (aged 53 years)
Death of a wifeAlma Grace Barnes
February 6, 1949 (aged 56 years)
Shared note: Age:48
Death of a sisterGladys May Galloway
1949 (aged 56 years)
Birth of a sonScott Campbell Galloway

Death April 3, 1950 (aged 58 years)
Shared note: Age:58