Samuel Terry + Mary Pritchard

No children
Birth: about 1777
Death: February 22, 1838
Birth: about 1786
Death: December 11, 1865Werrington, Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Facts and events

Not married about 1808

It is supposed that Mary Pritchard formed a brief common law relationship with Samuel Terry some time after her relationship with Ferdinand Meurant and prior to her cohabiting with John Maskey, some time around the years 1804-08. The only evidence I can locate for this supposition is that Mary Pritchard's daughter - Corah Maskey - who was born in 1809, was described "Corah Terry' when she married Edward Beecroft/Bearcroft in 1823. Some researchers go so far as to interpret Corah's identification as "Corah Terry" at her marriage as evidence that she was Terry's rather than Maskey's daughter.

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