James Joseph Smith + Maria Robson

3 children
Birth: about 1836 30 29
Death: March 22, 1851New South Wales, Australia
Birth: 1845 39 38 New South Wales, Australia
Death: about 1846
Birth: about 1806Dublin, Ireland
Death: July 7, 1860Parramatta, Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Birth: 1807Newcastle, Northumberland, England, United Kingdom
Death: May 9, 1853Parramatta, Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Facts and events

Religious marriage

James was described as a dairyman. They were married by Banns at St Johns Church of England. Witnesses were William Thurlston and Charlotte (who made her X mark), both of Parramatta.


James Smith 28, 'Regalia' 7 years, free, stated single
Maria Robson 28 'Diana' 7 years, bonded, stated widow and having five children applied Sep 24 and were granted permission to marry on Oct 7 1835 by Samuel Marsden at Parramatta.

Citation details: Vol 03, Baptisms, 1834-1838; Marriages, 1834-1838; Burials, 1834-1838

James Smith, free, age 28, Regalia of the parish of Parramatta
Maria Robson, Bond, 28, Diana of the parish of Parramatta
were married in this church by banns with consent of the Governor
this 22 day of Oct 1835
James and Maria both signed the register
in the presence of W. Thurston of Parramatta who signed the register
and Charlotte Smith of Parramatta who made her X mark in the register

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