Richard Fryer + Judith Bidwell

2 children
Birth: about 1810 53 35New South Wales, Australia
Birth: about 1815 58 40New South Wales, Australia
Death: June 18, 1866Cobbitty, Southern Tablelands, New South Wales, Australia
Birth: estimated 1757
Death: August 26, 1844Cobbitty, Southern Tablelands, New South Wales, Australia
Birth: estimated 1775
Death: August 26, 1855Cobbitty, Southern Tablelands, New South Wales, Australia

Facts and events

Type: Common
estimated 1812

Sometime after William’s death in 1811 Judith’s children were placed in the care of the Orphan School in Parramatta and when the 1814 Muster was conducted, Judith was living with a former soldier, Richard FRYER (Frier) [102nd Regiment], who had arrived on the Salamander in 1791. Richard spent some time on Norfolk Island and had owned land there but by 1814 he was a landholder in the Parramatta district. Richard had arrived as part of the Third Fleet, on the Salamander 21 Aug 1791; he is believed to have been born in London, circa 1754/1760.

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