William John Speed + Ann Thorn

1 child
Birth: about 1800 40
Death: about 1824
Birth: about 1760
Death: 1838New South Wales, Australia

Facts and events

Marriage November 11, 1799

Name: William Speed Marriage Date: 11 Nov 1799 Archive Provided Parish: Petersham, St Peter Parish as it Appears: Petersham Spouse: Ann Thorn Reference Number: P48/1/8a-b

Citation details:

Kentish Gazette Tue 28 Mar 1809 p. 2


...Miss Thorn deposed that the prisoner came to lodge at her father's on the 6th October 1799, and she married him in the November following. After he had lived with here about five months, he went to Halifax, and left her pregnant. He never contributed to the support of the child.

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