Regina Valdina Pederson,

Regina Valdina Pederson
Given names
Regina Valdina
Married name
Regina Valdina Jansen

MarriageEric Gustav JansenView this family

Marriage of a childGustav Bernhard JansenIsabella McCordView this family
January 11, 1898

After Banns according to the Forms of the Free Church of Scotland. Gustav b. Jansen 21, bottle blower of Portobello, father Eric Gustrav Jansen bottle blower, mother Waldirie Jansen nee Patersen. Isabella McCord domestic servant 20 of Fauldhouse, father William McCord labourer, mother Margaret McCord, nee Moffat. Witnesses Peter Caldwell and Maggie McCord. Registered 12 Jan 1898 at Fauldhouse, D. Maxwell Registrar.

Death of a husbandEric Gustav Jansen
October 22, 1924 Age: 68
Cause: Malignant disease of mouth
Shared note: Erick Gustav Jansen glass bottle blower retired married to Regina Valdina Jansen nee Pederson. Father Johan Brick Jansen farmer deceased, mother _ Jansen nee Farrickson deceased. Certified by R. Mc Adoor M.B. Ch.B. Informant Gustav B. J ansen son, 10 Kings Road Portobello. Registered 23 Oct 1924, Portobello. William Bassendine Registrar.
Birth of a sonGustav Bernhard Jansen