Elizabeth King, 1797

Elizabeth King
Given names
Birth February 10, 1797 38 32

On board the ship 'Contractor'

Death of a sisterUtricia King
about 1798 (aged 0)
Birth of a sisterMary King
February 1, 1805 (aged 7 years)
Address: 'Government House'
Death of a fatherPhilip Gidley King
September 3, 1808 (aged 11 years)

King left for England aboard the ship 'Buffalo' in Feb 1807 and died on 3 Sep 1808 and was buried at Tooting, London.

Death of a half-brotherNorfolk King
about 1839 (aged 41 years)

Death of a half-brotherSydney King
about 1840 (aged 42 years)

Death of a motherAnna Josepha Coombe
July 26, 1844 (aged 47 years)

In 1806 King, defeated by gout and opposition, was relieved by Captain William Bligh, and in a second sea-journal Mrs King described their nightmare nine-month voyage to England next year. King died in September 1808, leaving his wife and family in real need. The Treasury's meagre help was long in coming to his widow; but after a time she began to get financial relief from two sources in New South Wales: from cattle and from the land on which the cattle grazed, though her title to the first was vague and to the second illegal. The cattle were the flourishing descendants of a few beasts lost in the settlement's early days; two cows among them had belonged to Governor Arthur Phillip, who in 1801 remitted to King his claim on their progeny; her land was a grant of 790 acres (320 ha) made to her by Bligh in return for one, also illegal, made to Bligh by King. The ownership of Bligh's heiresses was challenged and their case was not settled until 1841; but Mrs King seems to have been left in undisturbed enjoyment of her grant at South Creek and the profits from both land and what Governor Lachlan Macquarie described in 1810 as 'her fine numerous herds of horned cattle, of which she has upwards of 700 Head of all descriptions'.

Mrs King spent nearly twenty-four almost undocumented years in England before she was able to return, as she had long wished, to the colony where she had passed the most important part of her life. Two of her three daughters were settled there, Maria, wife of Hannibal Macarthur and Mary (b.1805), wife of Robert Lethbridge; her distinguished son, Captain P. P. King, was about to settle there too. She sailed with him for Sydney in 1832 and on arrival was found by Elizabeth Macarthur 'as gay as ever' and 'very little changed'. At The Vineyard, Parramatta, the home of her daughter Maria, she was a valued part of an active family life until she died there on 26 July 1844. A stalwart member of the Church of England, she was buried in the graveyard of St Mary's, Penrith, formerly South Creek.

Death of a sisterAnna Maria King
September 1, 1852 (aged 55 years)
Death of a brotherPhillip Parker King
February 26, 1856 (aged 59 years)
Citation details:

Sydney Morning Herald Wednesday 27 Feb 1856


DEATHS. At his residence, Grantham St. Leonard's on Tuesday, the 26th February, Rear-Admiral Phillip Parker King, F.R.S., F.R.A.S., aged 64 years.


On the evening of 26 February 1856 he dined on board the Juno as the guest of Captain S. G. Fremantle. He was cheerful, but abstemious because of his poor health. He was put ashore and walked to his home in North Sydney, where he collapsed at the gate in an apoplectic fit from which he did not recover.

Death of a sisterMary King
December 17, 1872 (aged 75 years)


Family with parents
Birth: April 23, 1758Launceston, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom
Death: September 3, 1808London, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom
Coombe, Anna Josepha (1765-1844)
Birth: 1765Hatherleigh, Devon, England, United Kingdom
Death: July 26, 1844Parramatta, Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Marriage: March 11, 1791Bideford, Devon, England, United Kingdom
9 months
elder brother
King, Phillip Parker (1791-1856)
Birth: December 13, 1791 33 26Norfolk Island, New South Wales, Australia
Death: February 26, 1856Ashfield, Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
17 months
elder sister
King, Anna Maria (1793-1852)
Birth: April 23, 1793 35 28Norfolk Island
Death: September 1, 1852Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
3 years
elder sister
Birth: 1795 36 30Norfolk Island
Death: about 1798England, United Kingdom
2 years
8 years
younger sister
Birth: February 1, 1805 46 40Sydney City, Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Death: December 17, 1872
Father’s family with Ann Inett
Birth: April 23, 1758Launceston, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom
Death: September 3, 1808London, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom
Birth: about 1757
Death: after March 1820
Marriage: about April 1788Norfolk Island, New South Wales, Australia
9 months
Birth: January 8, 1789 30 32Norfolk Island, New South Wales, Australia
Death: about 1839
18 months
Birth: July 9, 1790 32 33Sydney Town, Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Death: about 1840