Andrew Charles Bullivant, 1858

Andrew Charles Bullivant
Given names
Andrew Charles
Birth April 28, 1858 39 25
Birth of a brotherCharles James Bullivant
September 30, 1859 (aged 1 year)
Birth of a sisterAgnes Geraldine Bullivant
January 18, 1862 (aged 3 years)
Birth of a sisterBlanche Bullivant
June 9, 1863 (aged 5 years)
Birth of a sisterFlorence Ann Bullivant
January 1, 1865 (aged 6 years)
Birth of a sisterFlorence Helen Bullivant
February 12, 1869 (aged 10 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherMaria Ikin
November 7, 1869 (aged 11 years)

Died at the 'Rag and Famish' hotel of debility and old age

Birth of a sisterAdeline Margaret Bullivant
December 2, 1869 (aged 11 years)
Death of a motherSarah Turnbull
1871 (aged 12 years)

BULLIVANT SARAH Registration number 1489/1871 Father's Given Name(s) AGE 38 YEARS Mother's Given Name(s) DIED SYDNEY District SYDNEY

Death of a fatherCharles James Bullivant
July 6, 1874 (aged 16 years)
Death of a paternal grandfatherCharles James Bullivant
January 25, 1879 (aged 20 years)
Address: Merlin Street
Citation details:

The Evening News, Sydney - 3 February 1879


Disgusting Burial at St Leonards One of the most deplorable sights that we should imagine was ever witnessed in a civilised country occurred on Monday last at the burial of one Charles James Bullivant, who, at St Leonards, on the 25 January, shuffled off this mortal coil at the age of eighty-four. During his lifetime Bullivant gave evidence of a most eccentric disposition, and appeared quite callous as to any future reward or punishment, apparently by his entire outward acts, disclaiming the existence of a Maker. Some twenty years ago the wretched man had a coffin constructed for him, as also a stone tomb in his garden, and according to his last request, was encased in both. In his life he expressed a wish to die after a full meal, which gratification was granted him. Bullivant also desired that a plentiful supply of grog, pipes, and tobacco should be placed in the coffin with him, but owing to the strong liquors indulged in by some of the hangers-on at the last moment, this extraordinary request was forgotten. Bullivant was known to have died wealthy, and as he had died suddenly it was thought a coroner’s inquest would be held, but as the doctor gave a certificate that he had died of natural causes, no inquiry was held as to the cause of death. The burial then took place, and those in charge prepared to open the stone receptacle intended for the coffin, but found it was too small. The bystanders immediately set to work, and by chiselling and hammering managed to pull down some of the structure. No clergyman was present to read the service, but a grey-headed old man, said to be Bullivant’s son-in-law, undertook to read the service, and as the St, Leonard’s Recorder says :- “It seemed awful to hear these grand, impressive words read - ‘I am the resurrection and the life,’ over the corpse of one on whose tomb was the following superscription (see note below) :-

The first dark day of nothingness The last of danger and distress”

Added to the chaos of chiselling and hammering and talking, to make the orgies more dismal a solitary frog commenced croaking in a horrible manner, which, together with the dogs barking, goats bahing, completed a scene painful in the extreme to witness. After the service had been completed the coffin was attempted to be placed in the hole of the tomb, but it was found still to be too small. A tipsy sailor then came to the rescue, and seated on the ground, commenced pushing with his feet, accompanying the act with a series of “Yoey-hos” and “Now, my beauties, he’s bound to go.” succeeded, assisted by a young woman, in pushing the coffin into the cavernous receptacle prepared for it. The scene at this time was revolting, swearing and cursing being freely indulged in, and more than one of the party was considerably intoxicated. The burial of Charles James Bullivant will long be remembered at St Leonards; and we sincerely trust that, for the sake of the community at large, such another disgusting occurrence will never take place.


Family with parents
Birth: December 4, 1818 20 25Sydney City, Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Death: July 6, 1874St Leonards, Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Marriage: December 21, 1852Sydney City, Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
18 months
elder sister
Birth: June 13, 1854 35 21Sydney City, Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
21 months
elder sister
Birth: February 28, 1856 37 23Sydney City, Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
2 years
17 months
younger brother
Birth: September 30, 1859 40 26MacDonald River, Hawkesbury, New South Wales, Australia
2 years
younger sister
Birth: January 18, 1862 43 29Neutral Bay, Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
17 months
younger sister
Birth: June 9, 1863 44 30Neutral Bay, Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
19 months
younger sister
Birth: January 1, 1865 46 32Neutral Bay, Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
4 years
younger sister
Birth: February 12, 1869 50 36Neutral Bay, Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
10 months
younger sister
Birth: December 2, 1869 50 36Neutral Bay, Greater Sydney, New South Wales, Australia