Sydney Gazette, 25 August 1821

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Executions. On Wednesday morning [22 August 1821] last were executed, pursuant to their sentence, the following unfortunate men, condemned to die at the present criminal sessions; viz. Francis Pasco, Pasco Haddycott, Miles Jordan, and John Ryan. Also, yesterday morning, the following started the awful sentence: William Geary, Thomas Smith, John Whiteman, John Cochrane, Charles Young, John Mills, and William Kennedy.
On the verge of eternity, Geary solemnly exculpated George Bowerman (one of the three brothers that were executed some months since for a robbery on the Windsor-road) from all knowledge of the transaction for which he had innocently paid the forfeit of his life. He (Geary) declared himself to have been the man, in company with the other Bowermans that had perpetrated the robbery; and that George Bowerman was the unhappy man identified in the place of Geary. We must leave the Public to judgement, at so awful a period; but, it may be remembered, that the deceased George Bowerman positively asserted his innocence to the last moment of existence. During his trial, Geary alleged, and in fact it was proved, that he had committed no violence, no act of inhumanity; but at the place of execution, he declared that he had committed an innocent man (the father of a family) to become a sacrifice to his wanton rapacity!
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