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George's Obituary:
In a recent issue it was reported the death of Mr George Barrett of Inglewood, Adaminaby, and which occurred from senile decay on 22nd February at the residence of Mr. H.C. Barrett. The deceased, who was conscious up to the hour of his death, was born at Liverpool, New South Wales, and arrived in the Monaro district 76 years ago. He originally came to Bolairo, and has since resided at Inglewood, having purchased the first crown land offered for sale at Adaminaby 39 years ago. The deceased carried on grazing and farming with much success, and as a farmer made a reputation in the district. He enjoyed splendid health and until the last three months had not required a doctor or complained of feeling ill. He was attended by Dr. Ramsden of Adaminaby, and the cause of death was senile decay. Mr Barrett was quite conscious up to the time of his peaceful end, and referred to carious amtters which particularly concerned him. His disposition sought a quiet life and gained for him much respect, and the many kindnesses extended to residents of Monaro made his name a household word. He leaves a widow who has reached four-score years and is enjoying excellent health. His daughters are:- Mesdames Thomas Hyles, Bungendore, G. Mackay, J. Power, A. Watkins, John Watkins, A. Clugston and T. Eldridge, of Adaminaby; his sons being Messrs. H.C. and Charles Barrett, both of Adaminaby. In his day Mr Barrett was a great horseman and stockrider, and he showed great proficiency with the stock whip. Mr Barrett recollected the growth of Cooma and its progress, and when he came to Cooma there existed only two buildings. In 1840 Mr Barrett had to take cows 9 miles to find grass to save their lives, no water being procurable nearer than the Murrumbidgee River, many miles distant. The funeral took place on 24th February, the remains being brought from Inglewood to Adaminaby, and placed in the Church of England portion of the burial ground where a short service was held. The Rev. J.F.C. Ashworth preached the burial service, a large congregation having assembled. The preacher spoke of the good qualities of the deceased, remarking that it must be a pleasure to his numerous friends to note the esteem and respect in which the deceased was held by the residents of the district.

Mr Thornton of Cooma had charge of the funeral arrangements, which were satisfactorily carried out. The coffin was inscribed with the name of the deceased, date of death and age, and bore the inscription 'Father at rest'. The coffin was a beautiful polished cedar one with silver mountings. Numerous wreaths were placed on the coffin and all the members of the family were present at the graveside. Mr. H.C. Barrett superintended the arrangements. Mr. Barrett was considered a great general in stock matters and up to a recent date, notwithstanding his years, could identify stock quickly, his eyesight being excellent, thus enabling him to recognise colours. The deceased leaves 63 grandchildren and 54 great grandchildren. There were 12 children in his family nine of whom are living. Two daughters and one son have died. The deceased was buried beside the grave of the latter. His second child died from exposure in the bush at Bolairo when only 2 and a half years of age. Deceased has six sisters and two brothers, the latter being Mr. Alexander Barrett of Adaminaby and John Barrett of Tumut.'

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