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When Mrs. G. Barrett passed over the great majority on Monday Aug. 4th one of our oldest and most highly respected residents was removed from our midst. The deceased lady attained the great age of 88 years all but a few days. She was born in Gloucestershire, England, and came to this state about 1838 or 39, with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Arundell, who at first commenced business in Sydney, but later removed to Liverpool, where they had a hotel for many years. She was sent to a private boarding school and received the best education then obtainable. She was married at Denham Court, near Liverpool, and accompanied her husband the late Mr. Geo. Barrett to Bolairo where his father at the time had very large holdings. The first sight to greet her as a bride to Bolairo, was a big corroboree on the plain just below their home. Life on the outskirts of civilization in those days, when the railway was undreamed of, and roads were few and blacks plentiful, was not a bed of roses and the deceased lady was noted for her wonderful memory and conversational powers, could recount many interesting stories of her early experiences. She passed through a great sorrow at Bolairo, when her second child was lost in the bush and died of exposure at the age of two and a half years. The first crown land offered for sale at Adaminaby was purchased by the Barretts 47 years ago and is known as Inglewood Station, where Mrs Barrett resided until five years ago wince when she lived with her daughter, Mrs. Clugston, at 'The Retreat' Adaminaby, where she was close to most of her family and was able to receive all the care and attention it was possible to give her. As evidence of her wonderful constitution it may be mentioned that since passing her 3 score years and 10, she lad her leg broken once and the doctors despaired of her recovery; still she recovered so completely that she was able to walk about the house right up to the time of her last illness. She had 3 sever attacks of Bronchitis and was given up by the doctors each time. She also had 3 paralytic strokes previous to the last one which was followed by nearly seven weeks of illness, and was the primary cause of death. Her kind and generous nature as well as her cheery and intellectual manner of conversing caused all who knew her to love her and many were the letters and other tokens of Sympathy received by her sorrowing family since her death. Her husband predeceased her by 8 years. Mr Thomas Arundell of Sydney is her only surviving brother. Out of the family of 12, those living are:- Mesdames T.S. Hyles, of Goulburn, G. Mackay, J. Power, A. Watkins, J. Watkins, and T. Eldridge, A. Clugston of Adaminaby, and Mr. Chas. Barrett, of Bega. She leaves 60 grandchildren, 110 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren. The funeral which was conducted by Mr. Cass. Clugston, although well attended would undoubtedly have been very much larger only for the amount of sickness prevailing and the short notice given. Rev. H.J. Gedney officiated at the grave side and spoke well of the patient and loving disposition of the deceased and her great influence for the good of the community.

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