Henry Jr. was active in the local community and in 1888 became engaged to Miss Dietz the young schoo…

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Henry Jr. was active in the local community and in 1888 became engaged to Miss Dietz the young school teacher at Glenorie. At that time only seven families lived within three miles of the school and she was the first teacher at the new school. The fifteen children attending were all from either the Black or Stubbs families. Less than a year later, when he was only twenty-nine, he was killed when a tree on which he was working fell on him.

Cumberland Argus & Fruitgrowers' Advocate. 6 Nov. 1889


The district was shocked on Monday morning last by a report to the effect that a well known and highly respected young man, Mr Henry George Black, of Dural, had accidentally met his death by a tree falling upon him while he was felling timber on his selection. The sad news soon received confirmation, and a gloom fell upon those who had known the young man, a sturdy son of the soil and native of the district, to think that in his very prime he should be thus called before his Maker.

At nine o'clock that morning his mother and two sisters left him in his usual robust state of health, while they came in to Parramatta, and a few hours later the sad news was brought to them that he had been cut down while working on his selection. An inquest was held the next day, and on Wednesday his remains were followed to their last resting place by a large number of friends and relatives.

An inquest was held at the residence of deceased's mother (Mrs Mary Black) on Tuesday before the Coroner (Mr J.E.Bowden) and a jury of twelve.

Archibald Black deposed that he was brother of the deceased H.G.Black, and resided at Dural; the deceased was about 29 years of age, was born at Dural and was a fruit-grower by occupation; saw him (deceased) about 8.30 a.m. on Monday at Mrs Mary Black's; he was then in good health; he had left to go to his selection (about half-a-mile distant) to fell timber; rather more than an hour afterwards Walter Black (another brother) came to witness and reported that deceased had been killed, shortly afterwards the body was brought to the house it was quite dead.

Arthur Thomas Bayfield, farmer and splitter, deposed that he resided at Dural and was in the employ of deceased; about 9 a.m. on Monday he and the deceased were felling a white maCatheriney tree about two feet thick, by means of a cross-cut saw; the tree commenced to fall (and) an iron-bark sapling, burnt off at the stump was entangled in its upper part with the tree they were felling; as the maCatheriney tree descended, it started the sapling which fell, striking deceased on the head he fell backwards and a bough of the sapling fell across his chest; he never moved or spoke after; witness, by means of a stick used as a lever, lifted the sapling off deceased, but found he was dead; then went for assistance; the nearest person was James Allen, who was working about half a mile away; deceased's brother Walter hearing witness calling Allen came up, saw the body, and then proceeded to Parramatta; the sapling that struck deceased was about 30 feet long and ten inches through; the part that struck him fell about 15 feet.

Dr Johnson deposed that he had examined the body of deceased; there was a deep wound on the back of the head, and a scar on the face; the body was crushed and bruised in the region of the heart and stomach; the injuries were such as would cause instantaneous death, and in probability were such as would result from the accident deposed by the previous witness.

James Allen, timber-squarer, residing at Galston, gave evidence to the effect that his attention, was called to the occurrence by Bayfield; witness, Bayfield and Walter Black, then proceeded to the place where deceased had been at work. and found him lying on his back quite dead within two feet of where he had been using the saw.

The jury found that the deceased Henry George Black died from injuries accidentally received through a tree falling upon him.

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