Ted died in 1966 aged 61. I can remember living at Curlwaa, in 1966, the year of conversion to decim…

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Ted died in 1966 aged 61. I can remember living at Curlwaa, in 1966, the year of conversion to decimal currency. We were living in the partially constructed house on Tuckers Creek, between the Tuckers Creek bridge and Arthur Hancock's d ried fruit farm at the bottom of the red sandy hill, known as Research Station Hill. The whole family was in bed, it would have been around 10pm, and the phone rang. Mum, (Gwen) aNew South Walesered the phone, after a few seconds mum said, "Clem, your father has gone", pause, "do you want to go and see him' or something very similar. Dad (Clem), made no audible aNew South Waleser to me (I was in the next room - no ceilings then), and I presume that he 'motioned' a "No ", as mum
responded with a negative reply to the caller. I don't know who the caller was actually. She then hung up the phone and said that he had better go and tell Arch (Teds brother). Arch & Phyllis did not have the phone on. It was about now that I remember saying "can I come?" - ( to Arch's place) - the aNew South Waleser was No! Mum then left and drove off in the 1957 FE Holden sedan to deliver the news of Ted's death to Arch & Phyllis. They now lived
closer to Dareton in the house above the "spillway". They previously lived in the house on Arthur's fruit property at the bottom of Research Hill.
Clay Hancock (Edward's grandson).

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Edward Hancock
April 26, 1905
117 Mildura, Victoria, Australia
4 May 4, 1966
56 61 Wentworth, Lower Western, New South Wales, Australia
Monday, October 20, 2008 1:55 AM
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