According to Elizabeth Bean's death certificate - she was 9

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According to Elizabeth Bean's death certificate - she was 9
6 when she died at Parramatta. However, her maiden name in the death certificate is shown as Elizabeth Kirshaw, this is incorrect. Her father was James Thomas John Bean and mother Elizabeth Taylor. At the time of her death, she was survived by one son and one daughter. Three males and two females deceased. The informant for the death certificate was her son-in-law W. Mansfield.

In the Australian Index 1824-1842 Vol. 19 ML "SHELLEY, Elizabeth - Parramatta - Land Grant to issue. A., 23 -9- 1831"
Same source - "SHELLEY, Elizabeth - Land Grant, Parramatta A., 13.4.1832."
Same source - SHELLEY, Elizabeth - Subscriber to Parramatta Weslyan Chapel Fund - A., Aug, 4th 1837 p. 1"
Same source - SHELLEY Mrs - Parramatta - Signs petition to Dr Sherwin. A., 26-8-1829"

Sydney Gazette 23 August, 1822 - " To the Editor of the Sydney Gazette - Sir, I trust my communication will not be deemed an intrusion either upon you columns, or your Readers. Something within me exists, as a prompter, to impel me before the Public - I have often looked upon the wretchedness of the poor New Hollander, and sighed for an alleviation of his distress. There now appears some prospect of good, according to the reply to Philanthropus. A certain paragraph in the communication constrained me to visit the Native Institution; and I was astonished, beyond measure, at the proficiency of the children under the tuition of the Governess, Mrs Shelley. The Institution did not contain more than twelve children. This diminutive numbers is the result of having married several of the females, who have been settled at Boongarruuby; and death has thinned their ranks. The few, however, that remain, bear ample testimony to two important facts: 1 - They have not made the proficiency to which they have attained without the most assiduous care of the Governess. From the little knowledge I possess of the blacks, I think myself competent to pronounce, with decision, on their character. They possess a vagrancy of mind that bears a strict analogy to their vagrancy of body. And those who have attempted merely to domesticate ONE black, and to make, him contented with a local habitation, will immediately perceive, how constant that application must have been on the part of the Governess, that has effected wonders, so extraordinary upon twelve. 2 - That these Aborigines posses powers of mind that may be greatly enlarged and improved. It is true that an excessive darkness seems to becloud their intellects, and apparently forbids the approach of intellectual light. But, it is very evident that this darkness is only apparent. I am fully convinced, that we have altogether erred in our estimation of the blacks, because we have inferred their total darkness, by comparing it with the effulgence of our own light. There is certainly a diversity in human minds, and much more may be expected from some of these natives, than from others. And as this same remark is applicable to the whole of the human family, does it not follow, if the tuition of the rising generation be perseveringly attended to, that we shall see from among these Natives, ornaments to political, moral and religious society. Much praise is due to Miss Shelley for the great attention she has paid to the female part of this little company. Nothing but seeing can prove a proper source of believing how much has been effected. If a company of Ladies and Gentlemen, would form themselves on a plan of paying regular visits to these children, doubtless their improvement would be greatly facilitated. There is no lack of persons in Parramatta of sufficient respectability to afford a little time for this purpose: and their little endeavors would produce great emulation in the minds of the children. This measure, in my judgment, would effect a change so mighty in the natives, generally, that they would send their children to the Institution, and the respectable Public would be insensibly drawn, to co-operate with All mighty God, in restoring to this moral image a people, the most degraded in the human family. Yours &c Aneradelphos."

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