Thomas worked extensively for the public welfare. He wa

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Thomas worked extensively for the public welfare. He wa
s a councillor in the Waterloo district for 19 years, and was the instigator and chief mover in many practical improvements in the district: the erection of a Council Chamber in the town; in the building of two bridges, one over the river Gilbert (on the road to Saddleworth) and the other over the river Light (on the road from Tothill Creek); in the construction of Brennan's Siding, a wheat depot three miles from Steelton; the construction of a road into the back part of Saddleworth township, leading to the sale yards. Previously all stock had to be driven down the main street of the town to reach the sale yards.
Thomas was a local preacher for many years for the Methodist Church, preaching also in the Baptist Church, and often travelling long distances to the place of service. In the early days at Pancharpoo, he and his sisters started the tunes and led the singing before the time of organs

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